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Brett Dagle

I am Brett Dagle – Owner of BDAGLE, LLC.  I cover all aspects of Information Technology (IT).

I’m a native to Colorado, born in Longmont.  I grew up in Longmont and  graduated from Longmont Sr. High in 1973.  I then went to work.

I worked for Applied Technologies, Inc. located in Gunbarrel over 20 years.  It was there that I was introduced to computers…  I started working on an x186 computer running DOS.  I learned to use a very primitive CAD program called EZCAD.  I was the first person in the company to learn to use a computer, and I then taught everyone else.  That trend continued with the introduction of Windows, Windows for Workgroups,  Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and now Windows 10  There I learned networking and graphics design as well as web design.  I am very familiar with most common software, such as MS Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, and much more.  I also know Solid Works, a 3D CAD Software.  I designed the Logo for Applied Technologies as well as all the graphics for the website and all the forms and mailers and office document templates.

In 2007 I was laid off due to lack of work.  I found a job working at the St. Julien Hotel and Spa as the Manager of the IT department.  I was responsible for maintaining and backing up all the Servers and Computers in the entire 200 room hotel, and for assisting the guests and conferences with connecting to the hotel guest network.  I helped with the installation of the Server Rack that implemented both real and virtual servers, the hotel movie network, and the replacement of the outdated guest wireless.  I worked very closely with the software vendors and salespersons who’s software was being utilized in the hotel.  I was responsible for training associates on the use of the computers and software.  I also performed many other IT related tasks, including software updates, hardware updates, maintenance of the licenses, research in various technologies that the hotel could use to up their status.  They received their 4 Diamond rating during the time I worked for them.

In 2009, Applied Technologies, Inc. offered me my job back with a large increase in my salary, to help them with setting up their new network and computers, design 3D CAD models and drafting using Solid Works, and document control.

I am still responsible for the Applied Technologies website and news letter (Windwords), among other things which includes CAD and some electronic assembly, but things were slow so I decided to become a consultant for them while I pursue other new opportunities.

I am currently seeking new clients.  I’m available for both personal and business IT consulting and my rates are lower than Geek Squad®.  I can assist you with your IT related needs and help you make the changes needed to keep up with the changes in technology, such as online backup and cloud computing and more….

Thanks for reading this…
Brett Dagle

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